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Register to Win our 2020/2021 Playhouse!

Due to COVID-19 and event cancellations, the drawing for the playhouse is postponed until Fall 2021. Entries still welcome!
Playhouse Rules
  • Complete full registration form.
  • Must be 18 years or older and have ownership of property where playhouse is delivered.
  • The winning homeowner and ABC Seamless of Sioux Falls will agree to a delivery date.
  • The playhouse will be dropped at a site that is accessible and cleared. Any pad or foundation is the responsibility of the homeowner. Any necessary permitting is also the homeowner’s responsibility.
  • ABC Seamless of Sioux Falls waives all liability and upkeep of playhouse once playhouse is delivered.
  • Homeowner will sign release agreement upon delivery of the structure.
  • Free delivery within 50 miles of Sioux Falls.

ABC Seamless Playhouse Entry

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